Posted by G. Stowe Talbot on Aug 14, 2018
Flag Salute & Invocation by Christine Palmerton
Visiting Rotarians: Felicity Dye (Bham Monday Club), Eric Richey (from Bham Monday Club), Elizabeth Wilder (from Houston Rotary club!).  
Guests: Chistine’s grandson Austin from Portland, Ian McCurdy and John Bosche
Bob Becker’s service is this Friday 2pm Northlake Community Church.
Viking Night BBRC will be sponsoring a table Sept. 14 at 5pm.
Call out for applications for major projects!
Tim Krell (community Service committee) says he has been talking with Debbie Granger  volunteering for SeaFeast event later in September - Tim will have more information on this opportunity soon.
Our next Club Assembly will be September 4th.
Tresha thanked Eddie for 14 years (!) as chairman of club service, he is seeking a replacement!
Felicity Dye introduced our exchange student Carla from Barcelona Spain.  We will also be hosting another young woman, Rumbi from Zimbabwe, but she's still waiting to get her US visa.  Both will be attending Sehome HS.  Felicity is seeking two more host families (3 month commitment) for next Spring 2019.  Carla came to the microphone and thanked out club (and the Dyes) for hosting her this year!
Business Bucks 
Bill Geyer with news about a new restaurant opening Aug 26th in Everson: The Smokestack Diner will be located in the Square Building, will feature photos from historic Everson, they will serve a breakfast and lunch menu.
Karen Burke will be hosting the next International Committee at her house (2543 Mt Baker Hwy) August 23, 5:30-7:30pm.  Everyone welcome and encouraged to attend. Please let Karen know if you can make it (360) 319-6171.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Bill Gorman celebrating birthdays with friends, kudos for our excellent local 911 emergency response service;
  • John Templeton has hosted exchange students in the past and highly recommends the experience;
  • Tim Krell successfully launched daughter at WWU last weekend;
  • Eddie Hansen happy bucks that Parks Dept approved proposed upgrades to Bloedel Donovan park and swimming area - next up: approval from City Council;
  • Christine Palmerton congrats to Stan getting out of hospital and happy anniversary, kind words for Bob Becker;
  • Steve Kimberly;
  • Sven Gilkey missed meeting while trying to attend Lynden RC;
  • Scotty in memory on Bob Becker;
  • Dannon congrats to Stan and Carrie, great week with parents last week, went to Orcas, knows how to shuck oysters like a pro, getting ready for her big office move;
  • Curtis Dye for guest Carla, and hosted a big block party on his street!
  • John Sleeth for 52nd wedding anniversary!
Sergeant at Arms by Steve Swan
Fines for misc. vices.
Tresha introduced Del Vander Kirk from Bellingham Monday Club (he's our Asst. Governor, District 5050).  
Del then introduced District 5050 Governor, Linda Murray. Linda grew up in California, she and husband Bill owned an electronics security company in Snohomish County, now retired and devoting time to Rotary and community service. 
Linda said she has really enjoyed serving as District Governor and visiting all the clubs.  Goals for the District this year:
  1. Change and continuity. Each club should create a 5-year plan.
  2. Enhancing member experience, and improve member retention rate.  District can help by providing “Membership Workshops”.
  3. Spread the word about our club and the Rotary experience. 
Linda wants to double the number of Rotoract clubs.
The District has a new Peacearch Journal editor, James Monroe. Please send him photos of all our events with brief captions, and they will be included in the journal.  
District Conference will be at Tulip Resort in April, 2019.
John Sleeth wins the raffle!
Respectfully submitted,
Stowe Talbot