Pledge and Invocation (with an assist by Curt’s dog) – Curtis Smith

Birthday wishes – Dannon Traxler
-Dannon read thank you notes from agencies that received funding from BBRC;
-Dannon pointed out the calendar of events on each table;
-Carly Gillespie – reminder about the business lunch on Aug 18;
-Dannon highlighted a few District Rotary training opportunities;
-Eddie Hanson announced a few Rotary Social opportunities;
-Doug White announced the upcoming Fireside (great for new members) and spoke about the BBRC’s participation in the golf tournament to benefit the Hospice House;
-A reminder was given to the club about the importance of constantly exposing potential new members to the good works of BBRC;
-Mike Bates reported about the August 11 BBRC Board Meeting;
Business Minute: Glen Groening introduced Eddie Hanson who discussed the revitalization of the Bloedel Donovan Park – especially the water recreation portion of the park;
New member application:  Board of Directors has approved the Membership Application of John Purdie. His sponsor is Michael Tilley with a reference from Steve Kimberley. He is Development Director for the Mount Baker Theatre. John is a graduate of WWU with a degree in Speech Communication and a PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis from the University of Missouri.  Comments or concerns can be addressed to Dannon or Scotty.
Bucks in the Bay:
-A lot of really cool announcements were made but none better than Dean Fulton’s 50 mile run and second place finish in last Saturday’s Hamster Endurance Run at Lake Padden (joke).

Sergeant at Arms:
Tim Krell – an unprecedented zero dollars were raised because everyone was able to answer his Whatcom County history questions.
Dr. Vernon Orton from Bellingham Urology presented a very informative program on minimally invasive robotic surgery (only a few people got sick seeing the surgery pictures and video).
Not won by me so who cares.
Respectfully submitted,
Dean Fulton