Flag Salute & Invocation by Mark Turner
Visiting Rotarians:  Julie Johansen.
Guests:  John Purdie (Mt Baker Theatre),
Dannon and Harte Bressler shared more early club history.
August’s Third Thursday Business Lunch was a success last week. Next one will be Sept 15 at noon.
First Thursday Rotary Happy Hour will be at Hotel Bellwether, Sept 1 at 4:30pm.
Fellowship to see hockey at the Sportsplex October 30 at 4pm - Alan Artman will provide details soon.
Our next Fireside gathering will be Sept 7th 5:30pm at Anthony’s Hearthfire.  Firesides are an opportunity for experienced Rotarians to talk more about Rotary and Rotary life in detail with new members. All members who have never attended a Fireside are highly encouraged to attend.
Fellowship event Friday Sept 16th to see Capital Steps at MBT, with dinner before, please sign up, more details soon!
October 25th will be the next BBRC Strategic Retreat with Sue Sharpe.
Grape & Gourmet November 6 at Silver Reef:  Bryant talked about the G&G organizing, needs more committee members - especially an assistant to Curtis Dye to help with wines sales (knowledge of Excel spreadsheets required), the committee meets every Thursday 4pm at Bryant’s office (WINE WILL BE SERVED!) - 4th floor Dorothy Haggen Bldg in Barkley.
Rod Bring from the Membership Committee says we need more new member applicants!
Terry Brown, Lance Calloway, Donna Edquist and Steve Brummell were all recognized and honored by the club for their tireless efforts and contributions to the club this past year!
New member application:  Board of Directors has approved the Membership Application of John Purdie. His sponsor is Michael Tilley with a reference from Steve Kimberley. He is Development Director for the Mount Baker Theatre. John is a graduate of WWU with a degree in Speech Communication and a PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis from the University of Missouri.  Comments or concerns can be addressed to Dannon or Scotty.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Dannon thank you for Mimi Ferlin connecting her with St. Pauls Academy;
  • Mike Werner first kid successfully into moved in to college! (Waco TX);
  • Bob Moles has a brand new left knee!
  • Rod Bring with a wedding anniversary went to Half Moon Bay then Sonoma;
  • Stan Dyer’s wife passed her physician’s assistant exam! And he gave a ton of money to the Foundation!
  • Jim Johnson missed meeting while in Minnesota, and reported that RI has a new name for the anti-slavery movement: “Rotarians Against Slavery”;
  • Debbie Kiene fun time in Seattle!
  • Great weather has contributed to Mark Turner’s amazing vegetable garden success this year;
  • Bryant Engebretson 19 days in Italy and Croatia;
Sergeant at Arms by Eddie
Misc. fines for membership!
Aaron Helm talked about his experience as an exchange student (Rotary Youth Exchange) last year in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  Aaron attend Sehome High School and graduated this year.  Aaron was one of about 20 exchange students (mostly from US) that city.
The political environment: Evo Morales is the controversial President of Bolivia since 2006, currently in his 3rd term and lobbying to change the constitution to allow him to continue into a 4th term.  Fraud and corruption in the Bolivian government.  Aaron described how his school served as a voting center, but was raided by anti-Morales protesters who suspected vote fraud and burned the ballots!
Aaron talked about the delicious native food there, which he already misses.
He has a blue brazer now decked out with many pins (this is a RYE tradition)
Wonderful reception.  Students at his Bolivian school wear a uniform.
Festival of the Orchids - orchids grow wild everywhere!
Travelled all around Bolivia.
Tarija wine county.
Cochabamba, the City of Eternal Spring.
La Paz (the capital).  Population of about 2M, all living at elevation ABOVE summit of Mt. Baker!
Swimming in Lake Titicaca. 
Solar de Uyuni, largest salt flat in the entire world.  Contains up to 50% of the world’s lithium there as well.
Potosi is a major silver mine, and was the major supply of silver for Spain during the period of the New World Spanish Empire.
Aaron had a visit by his Bellingham family, and they took a trip to Machu Picchu (Peru).
He lived with two different host families on his visit.
Stan thanked our club and John Templeton in particular for the support to go on this trip.
Stan wins raffle.
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot