Posted by G. Stowe Talbot on Aug 29, 2017
Flag Salute & Invocation by Stan Dyer
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: Mandy (Terry’s daughter)
  • Thanks Brad Cornwell for covering for President Curtis last week.
  • This year’s exchange student from Mexico has arrived. She is sponsored by the Monday Club.  Hopefully she will come visit our club in the coming weeks.
  • Thanks Stew, Eddie and Chuck for the progressive Rotario dinner Sunday.
  • Wendy Hiester with news from Houston Rotarians about the flooding there.
Business Promo Minute: Wendy talked about her home club, Westview Rotary Club, and all their good work.
Bellingham Bay Rotary Club Foundation:  Does your employer match your donations to charitable organizations?  If so, please request a match the next time you make a contribution to our own Bellingham Bay Rotary Foundation.  BBRF is a registered charity with the IRS, and we have been granted a 501(c)3 designation. BBRF’s tax payer identification number is 91-2078384.  If you need further documentation, please contact Brent Walker
Bucks in the Bay
  • Curtis celebrated 30 years of marriage to Felicity at Fort Langley last week;
  • Stephanie Sadler is back at St Paul's Academy!
  • Brad Cornwell with news of friends in Houston;
  • Rod Bring thanks for the progressive dinner!
  • Tresha Dutton’s aunt passed away recently, also attended Tom Petty concert, great summer, and WCC starts 9/17;
  • Tim Krell attended the fantastic Rotary dinner, taking daughter to Bumbershoot next weekend;
  • Terry Myers left Highland Senior Living and is now working for Andy Clay!
  • Christine Palmerton had gall bladder infection, ongoing Nautigirl trademark woes, she appreciates all the community support!
  • Bryant Engebretson took Autumn to Rice University in Houston 2 weeks ago, Autumn received a grand student reception upon arrival to her residential college, Bryant and Hilary got to meet with the President of Rice U (who is Andy Clay’s cousin!), also sad news that his father in law passed away recently;
  • Mimi Ferlin recently diagnosed melanoma and some surgery, 45th wedding anniversary, sad that St Paul’s high school now closed, but Stephanie is back and the elementary and middle schools are going strong!
  • Tonja Myers thanks for the AMAZING Rotario dinner Sunday;
  • Anna reported on a successful painting party last Saturday at VFW hall, thanks for all the help;
  • Tonja thanks Sean Stimac for helping organize the painting party!
  • Flo with news from last month;
Sergeant at Arms by Flo
Fines for misc. misdemeanors.
Bob Becker introduced Jolyn Hunt and Holly Miller, volunteers from “Family Promise of Whatcom County”, a program which is just now getting up and running in partnership with the Interfaith Coalition.  The new program will serve homeless families by temporarily housing them in a network of local church facilities.
Jolyn and Holly talked about the surprising number of homeless that are children.  1 in 5 homeless people is under the age of 14! (20%!), that is about 1,400 children homeless in this county.
Family Promise is a national organization partnering with local faith groups (like Interfaith Coalition) to serve homeless families by providing temporary shelter, meals and companionship to homeless families. 
About 13 local churches have agreed to take turns hosting - no more than 4 families at once, for about 4 weeks at most. During the day the families can use the day facility (located on Bakerview Rd.) which has showers, laundry, food, childcare, counseling, etc.
This grassroots approach is extremely cost-effective because it relies on existing facilities and volunteers. And like Interfaith’s own housing program, Family Promise also keeps homeless children and their parents together in a supportive environment while they work to get back on their feet.
Respectfully submitted,
Stowe Talbot