Posted by G. Stowe Talbot on Aug 07, 2018
Flag Salute & Invocation by Scotty
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: Dannon’s father, and Wendy Heister is back from Houston!
Passings: Tresha remarked on the passing of past member Todd Ramsay (his service will be this Sunday 12th at 2pm at St Paul’s Church), and Bob Becker.  Bob Moles remarked on Bob Becker and his legacy: He was an active BBRC Rotarian, involved in many initiatives over the years, including the recognition plaque for the Bellingham police department, and also served as host for several youth exchange students.  He is a UW alumnus and Husky booster.  He is survived by his wife Diane. We will miss you, Bob.
Brad with another big Brewers thank-you for all the sponsors and volunteers.
Board meeting August 9th at RMC.  A draft budget will then be presented to membership early September at RMC.
District 5050 will have their annual golf event (Golfun) on August 17th at Homestead in Lynden. John Templeton will be leading our team - but he needs a couple more golfers!
Karen Burke will be hosting the next International Committee at her house (2543 Mt Baker Hwy) August 23, 5:30-7:30pm.  Everyone welcome and encouraged to attend. Please let Karen know if you can make it (360) 319-6171.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Debbie Kiene happy bucks, busy in retirement, kind words about Bob Becker;
  • Tonja Myers for Todd and Bob, thanks Christine for hosting last week’s Past Presidents gathering;
  • Doug Wight thanks and kudos to Tonja  Myers for coming off two years as President of the Hospice Foundation Board!
  • Dannon kind words for Bob Becker, happy that parents visit this week, dad’s 72nd birthday, went crabbing!
  • Eddie Hansen kind words for Bob Becker, fun cruising trip up in the Straights and Canada;
  • Lesa Boxx for Bob and Todd, and a 5th wedding anniversary!
  • Phil X Hageman went Santa Barbara for family gathering, and sad bucks for Bob and Todd;
  • Dean Fulton missed meetings busy awarding BTC foundation money ($360,000!!!) to scholarship students - and Pearl Jam!
  • Curtis fun at the Past Presidents gathering;
  • Inga sad bucks for Bob, and wonderful trip to New Zealand with sister;
  • Wendy Heister shocked about Bob, who was partly responsible for bringing Wendy to this club! Last year was transition year for their club in Houston because of the Hurricane Harvey, thanks for BBRC financial support, good to be back in Bellingham!
  • Steve Kimberly funny recollections of Todd;
  • Erica Buse wonderful trip in Desolation Sound on a boat with the inlaws;
  • John Templeton just bought a 77-acre farm, visited daughter and son, a great weekend, will miss Bob and Todd;
Sergeant at Arms by Bill Gorman
Fines for misc. vices.
Mike Bates introduced Chuck Robinson and Sarah Hutton from Village Books. They talked about the history of Village Books and the process of business transitions.  Chuck opened VB in Fairhaven in 1980, added Paper Dreams soon after, grew the business over the decades and now it has 50 people in two locations.Sarah is one of the three new co-owners.  Chuck told the story of deciding to move across the country with wife Dee to Bellingham in 1979 to open a book store on the West Coast - a giant leap of faith. They started differentiating themselves by hosting author talks.  Ivan Doig and Tom Robbins were among the first to come.
In 1982 Paper Dreams opened right next door.
1985 Colofon Cafe opened downstairs.
2015 opened the second location in Lynden.
2017 the business transitioned to three employees: Paul Hanson, Kelly Evert and Sarah Hutton.
In recent years Chuck and Dee had starting looking for good candidates to whom to hand the business off. He finally found a good match in Paul, Kelly Evert and Sarah.  Sarah talked about the decision to jump into the ownership role.  She talked about the changes in direction going forward, trying to survive as a business in an age of digital books and online ordering by creating a unique space and brand loyalty, focussing on community and education.
Carlye wins the raffle!
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Stowe Talbot