Flag Salute & Invocation by Lance Calloway
Visiting Rotarians: Jim Blaney (Whatcom North)
Guests:  Jim Loghe, Sven Gilke, Addie Brown
President Bill Geyer made a call out for capital projects that our club can support.
Food Bank Open House October 22?
BBRC Board Meeting will be 4:30pm Thursday Sept 10th at the Talbot / Barkley office, open to all (even get make-up attendance credit!).
District 5050 will be holding its Annual Foundation Dinner on Nov. 14th, 5-9pm at our very own Bellingham Golf and Country Club.  This event is a celebration of the Rotary Foundation and our Districts support of it!   Doors open at 5:00pm for cocktail hour, Dinner will be served at 6:00pm Deadline to register (or cancel) is November 8th.  Questions please contact Larry Jubie at lwjubie31@hotmail.com (This is not a Fundraising event and no auction or raffle will be held).
Regarding our exchange student Joe:  John Templeton says Joe needs a couple items as he settles in:  A bike to borrow, and also a drafting calculator (TI 83 or similar).  Curtis Dye will be creating a Google calendar where you can see Joe’s schedule and hopefully  offer to host him for dinner or an outings, etc.  If you can help, contact home hosts Curtis and Felicity (felicity@interconnectsys.com , cell 815-3199)
Remember RYLA will be next May 12-15, 2016; please think of good candidates, age 18-25.
Glen with the Business Bucket:  $40 from Eddie Hansen.
New member application:  The BBRC board has approved the application of former member Allan Stockbridge.  Allan is a broker with Kulshan Commercial Investment Real Estate, and his sponsor is Stan Dyer.  Any comments or concerns can be addressed to Scotty or Bill Geyer.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Bill Geyer for youth exchange match;
  • Mimi thanked her HS classmate Doug Wight for organizing the amazing BHS class of 1965 reunion!
  • Rod Bring $40 to a 40-year high school class reunion (really a kegger), also went up to Westin Bayshore for wedding anniversary;
  • Addie Brown 41st wedding anniversary!
  • Mark Turner, son wedding this weekend, no lights but candlelight, then salmon BBQ;
  • Glen Groenig IOU heading to Kaanapali for anniversary and birthday;
  • Bob Moles hiking and sailing last couple weeks with friends, health news;
  • Bill Gorman $40 for student fund, high school reunions;
  • Jill Reid vacation went to ocean (a little breezy!) in her “glamper-camper”;
  • Lance Calloway thankful for electrical repair workers;
  • Doug Wight thanks Mimi for her kudos, and agrees that the class reunion was amazing with 247 attendees!
  • Bryant forgot what he going to say.
Sergeant at Arms by Flo
Fines for class of 1965 for painting the rock, and reminds everyone that blue ribbons during September shows support for law enforcement.
Curtis Dye introduced Ken Bell of Iron Creek Group (http://ironcreekgroup.com), a company that operates in the fracking and oil cleanup industry in remote locations.  Iron Creek Group specializes in the treatment of difficult wastes in the most challenging of drilling locations like the Dakotas, Adak Alaska and Greenland. Their technology and logistical experience allows them to assist fracking clients with technical and challenging projects. They design, manufacture, and operate thermal remediation technologies.  Their technologies recover and transform wastes into reusable, valuable products. For example, their PIT BOSS machine is mobilized onsite (by a truck) at remote pit locations and is operational within a day. It’s an indirect-fired thermal process capable of recovering nearly all of the hydrocarbons for reuse.
His other, older company (established 20 years ago) is called Best Recycling and is located in Antactica, McMurdo Station. Antarctica is an amazing place, with the lowest recorded temperature (-128 deg).  Under the Antarctic treaty, anything that goes in must come out (all garbage, etc).  McMurdo Station has a port that needs to be cleared by ice breaker.  A freighter takes heavy supplies in and out.  The South Pole is another (smaller research) station.  A new building is being built there on stilts.  His company has a 5 member waste crew stationed there.
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot