Posted by G. Stowe Talbot on Sep 11, 2018
Flag Salute & Invocation by John Templeton 
Visiting Rotarians: Someone from the Burlington Club
Guests: Michael Lantz (friend of Steve White), Sandra Guerra (from Copan, Honduras), Ryan LeCocq (from People Bank).
Applications for Charity Charitable Giving: Applications will be accepted through Dec. 31, 2018.  Our Charitable Giving committee is responsible for awarding small grants to non-profit community programs in the range of $500 - $2,500.  If you know of an organization that might be interested in applying to receive one of several small grants our club offers, send them the attached application. We ask that all applicants submit a completed form and any additional pages in electronic PDF form to by December 31, 2018.     
Major Project Call for Proposals.  Let’s begin a conversation about our next major project! Below are some guidelines used in the past when deciding on a major project:
  • Project funding will be greater than $2500
  • Should be a capital project, rather than supporting operational costs.
  • Support of administration costs should be low.
  • Project should be well planned, with a definite time-frame.
  • Project should leverage our funds well, helping as many people as possible.
  • Project should be consistent with the goals of Rotary, and BBRC’s strategic plan.
  • Recipient organization should demonstrate good stewardship, and account for funds received.
 Submit a description of your proposed ideas, addressing the items above, to the Board ( by November 1, 2018 (for best consideration). The board will review the proposals and report back to the membership for discussion before final approval.  
Tim Krell (co-chair of the community service committee) has organized our 1st community service opportunity for fall: SeaFeast on Saturday Sept 22nd. Please let him know if you can participate ( Tony Freeland is ordering us Rotary shirts so we can be seen in our community.  “Ask Me Hosts” will carry sign, act as General Assist to event participants, knowledge of festival, able to solve problems, carry a radio.  Shifts are 9:30 to 12, 11:45 to 3:45 and 3:30 to 6:30.
Also shifts are available to do set up and take down on Thursday (9/20) at 8:00, 11:00 and 2:45 in parking lot of Boathouse. On Friday (9/21) in that same location they need hosts and hostesses at 11:30 am (6 spots), 3:00 pm (6 spots), 5:00 pm (8 spots) and 8:00 pm for what is called, "clean up / refresh" (8 spots). On Saturday there are similar spots at similar times.
Board meeting this Thursday 4:30pm at RMC.
Last call for sitting at our club’s WWU’s Viking night table this Friday, September 14th, 5-9pm.
Eddie Hansen and Bill Geyer presented the possibility for BBRC to be the lead partner /  donor organization for a proposed Bloedel Park improvement: “Docks for Kids” would build and install a new floating dock with diving boards in the little swimming bay at Bloedel Donovan Park at Lake Whatcom.  The estimated cost would be $400-450K, and Eddie asked our club consider two $25K gifts over two years ($50K total).  The funding for summer life guards would be secured through income from food venders. Let’s consider this.  See their flier for proposal details.
    Bucks in the Bay
    • Tresha football bucks;
    • Curtis Dye back from Rhode Island delivering son Jonny to 3rd year at university, also the second exchange student has arrived from Africa - Rumbi is her name;
    • Tim Krell hockey buddy Todd gave us $100, and he is requesting four more BBRC volunteers for SeaFeast (Saturday 9/22);
    • Debbie Kiene kudos to Eddie for Bloedel project, canning pears from yard;
    • Brent Walker update about Foundation, and celebrated a birthday;
    • Phil X Hagemen sad bucks for 9/11;
    • Mark Turner happy bucks wonderful unplugged backpacking around Mount Hood;
    • Eddie happy bucks anniversary of meeting Rhonda, also the son of BBRC’s first exchange student (25 years ago) is coming here to visit;
    • Bryant Engebretson birthday and wedding anniversary, resolution to unplug a bit from the digital world;
    Sergeant at Arms by Andy Clay
    Fines for Eddie, and misc. trivia.
    Mike Bates introduced Chief Petty Officer Joseph Vela, 23 years with the US Navy.  Chief Vela was born in Chicago and joined the Navy in 1996.  He received his wings and designated a "non-acoustic sensor operator" in 1999.  He served all over the country and internationally in various capacities in the Navy, most recently on an aircraft called the Orion P-3 (a four-engine turboprop anti-submarine and maritime surveillance aircraft); he was in charge of running the radar, chasing Russian subs. He and the aircraft’s crew of 12 typically put in12-hour shifts.  The Navy will be replacing the P-3 with the Boeing P-8, and drones will also be used more often. He has received many honors and awards including combat action medal.   Chief Vela is now living in Bellingham, with wife and three kids, but commutes to Oak Harbor base to help with the phase-out of the Orion P-3, as he himself prepares to retire from the Navy and transition to civilian life next year. 
    Bryant E wins the raffle!
    Respectfully submitted,
    Stowe Talbot