Posted by G. Stowe Talbot on Sep 12, 2017
Flag Salute & Invocation by Mark Turner
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: Dr Susan Burke, Lisa Cornwell (Brad’s wife)
Bucks in the Bay will be donated to RI’s and "Houston West U Rotary Foundation" hurricane flood relief. Last week we raised over $2000.
Board Meeting Thursday Sept 14th 4:30pm at Tradewinds Capital board room 211 Rimlnd Drive #401.
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony (and Cider Press) for the new Lydia Place expansion, 4-7pm Thursday 9/28 1701 Gladstone Ave.
The (Monday) Bellingham Club is celebrating its 100 year anniversary, and they will be hosting a commemorative dinner - all are welcomed to buy tickets and attend.  COST:  $100.00 pp, Saturday, September 23, 2017, 5:30 - 11pm. More info HERE 
Sunday Nov 5th is GRAPE & GOURMET!
Business Promo Minute:  Josh with plug for Builders Alliance.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Curtis Dye went to (cold) wedding last weekend;
  • Brent Walker birthday bucks $200 for flood relief;
  • Pete Rittmueller’s church is working on homeless NWYS project, plug for Brad Cornwell and his efforts there;
  • Phil X's wife won a Mariners Suite at SafeCo Field, plug for Lydia Place Opening (see above), and kudos to Brian Griffen form the Monday Club;
  • Bill Gorman $ for relief, Cy Lindberg update from East Coast survived the hurricane;
  • Michael Reams birthday bucks went to Olympic Pennisula with wife;
  • Scott Walker $ for relief effort, plug for a tenant Coleman CVAmoing Supply (Irongate);
  • Tim Krell went to Seattle last weekend, his hockey season started, great new soccer field at Bham HS;
  • Dean Fulton missed meetings, race report on 12-hour endurance run (21 laps of Padden - that's 54 miles!!!)
  • Dannon Traxler's twins turned 5 with epic birthday party with piñata (“fancy robot”);
  • Curtis Smith with update on the video on BTC’s history - it’s finally done, thanks to all who contributed to the effort! Doug Wight was early supporter of the project;
  • Wendy Heister went to wedding last weekend, will be heading back to Houston tomorrow!
  • Debbie Kiene has family in Orlando all okay, fun movie evening with the grandkids, and news on BBRC Interact Club activities volunteering for the upcoming Bellingham Marathon;
  • Christine Palmerton missed meetings, some long-overdue time on the water, thankful for all the wonderful friends from Rotary;
  • Eddie $ for relief, 16 year wedding anniversary, Viking Night this coming Friday Night, building a new home garage (thanks Scot Swanson as attorney);
Sergeant at Arms by Flo Simon
Fines for misc. misdemeanors.
Brad Cornwell introduced Dr. Susan Burke, water resource economist at WWU.
Water resources. Historically, it has been first in time has been first in right: Senior water  vs. subordinate rights.  Beneficial use / Use it or lose it.
Some History
1985 in-stream flow rule, no from stream, but permit except residential wells are okay.
In 2000 no more to be taken out of Nooksack
Science indicating connection between wells and surface water (i.e. pumping from wells has impact on streams)
2016 Hirst Decision: No more wells approved, WC emergency Ordinace moratorium prohibiting new well permits. Therefore no new houses unless you can prove you have enough non-well water (rain catchment system). Or you can prepare “mitigation plan”.
How to find water right solutions that work for environmentalism, property rights, laws and senior water right holders. Water right banking. 
Respectfully submitted,
Stowe Talbot