Flag Salute & Invocation by Stan Dyer 
Visiting Rotarians - No Visiting Rotarians
Guests:  Christine Palmerton guest Guy Occhiogross from the Bham Chamber and Stan Dyer’s guest Sven Guilkey from the Boy Scouts
  • Board Update from last week’s Meeting: Treasury Report approved, Grape and Gourmet new ticket pricing approved at $400 per member ($80 general ticket and $100 vip ticket), Anne Brown(?) new member approval and one other new member (didn’t catch the name), Steve Weiss (again not sure of the name) Rule of 85 approval.
  • Next Board meeting Nov 8th.
  • Grape and Gourmet Update from Bob Moles and Bryant Engebretson- Requesting an ask of members to help make the connection with restaurants that could participate in the event, for new restaurants we will buy $400 worth of gift cards to help offset their costs. Tickets are now for sale online and at the weekly lunch meeting.
  • Fellowship Event– Jim Haupt announced a Seahawks vs the Lions get together at the Bellwether in the Compass Room on Oct the 5th at 5:30.
Glen Groenig with the Business Bucket:  Orphalee Smith $20 for the Bellingham Childcare and Learning Center and all they do!
Bucks in the Bay 
  • John Templeton $10 thank you to Host Bryant for the Rotarian Dinner
  • Bob Moles Thank you also to Bryant and his wife for hosting the Rotarian/Wine dinner
  • Steve White $40 thank for great fishing trip to AK where he came back with 50# of Halibut and 50# of Salmon
  • Tim Krell $84 thank you for his (I think) grandfather for being 84 and shoot him shooting an 84 in golf
  • Scotty - thank you for a trip to Salt Lake to visit his daughter and is grateful for her 2nd baby that is on the way!
  • Bob Becker thank you for the great wine dinner at Bryants and the youth exchange
  • Bryant thank you to all that attended his dinner
Sergeant at Arms by Flo   
Fines for guessing-
  • How many bottles were consumed at Bryant’s dinner of 12?  17
  • What are the Seahawk fans called? 12th man
  • Who wore the Seahawks #12? Sam Adkins
  • 1st year the Hawks played? 1976
  • Who was the original major owner of the Hawks? Nordstroms
Program Bob Moles introduced Karen Ekdahl from Bellingham Childcare and Learning Center. She has been leading the organization for 21 years. They are a licensed, private 501c3 nonprofit agency dedicated to providing affordable care of the highest quality for young children while their parents work or receive training for work. Mission Statement: "In partnership with the community, the Bellingham Childcare & Learning Center provides high quality, affordable childcare to families of all income levels, assisting low-income families to become self-sufficient. Our well qualified, nurturing staff offers a developmentally appropriate and safe learning environment for young children." They have been serving Whatcom County since 1968. 
A few of their goals for the future:
•Purchase and install new playground equipment.
•Possible expansion of our program into kindergarten care and a new facility.
•Expand our parent education program. 
Respectfully submitted,
Josh Barrett