Posted by G. Stowe Talbot on Sep 18, 2018
Flag Salute & Invocation by Anna Williams
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: Deka Wiebusch (financial advisor for Skyline Advisors), Eddie’s guest Jeff Hill. 
New Member Application: Martin Mead is founder of Girodisc Racing Brakes, and is sponsored by Chris Vazquez and Sven Gilkey. Questions or concerns can be addressed to President Tresha.
New Member Induction: John Bosch was inducted by Bill Gorman, sponsor is Mark Turner, mentor will be Mike Werner. 
Tim Krell (co-chair of the community service committee) has organized our 1st community service opportunity for fall: SeaFeast on Saturday Sept 22nd. Please let him know if you can participate ( Tony Freeland is ordering us Rotary shirts so we can be seen in our community.  “Ask Me Hosts” will carry sign, act as General Assist to event participants, knowledge of festival, able to solve problems, carry a radio.  Shifts are 9:30 to 12, 11:45 to 3:45 and 3:30 to 6:30.  Also shifts are available to do set up and take down on Thursday (9/20) at 8:00, 11:00 and 2:45 in parking lot of Boathouse. On Friday (9/21) in that same location they need hosts and hostesses at 11:30 am (6 spots), 3:00 pm (6 spots), 5:00 pm (8 spots) and 8:00 pm for what is called, "clean up / refresh" (8 spots). On Saturday there are similar spots at similar times.

Bucks in the Bay

  • Tresha fabulous time with Bill and Steve last week at Viking Night;
  • Bill Geyer permits received for two house projects in Fairhaven, yesterday was Constitution Day;
  • Chris Vazquez missed meeting, finished infill house project on High Street, also completed his scuba instructor certification!
  • John Purdie 50th birthday surprise party, his sister in law passed away sadly in MO - John served as both pallbearer and singer! 
  • Tim Krell thinks the Bloedel park project is very cool;
  • Sea Cool takes off his new member ribbon;
  • Dannon’s twin boys turned six (at the same time!), piñata party;
  • John Bosch wind and solar energy consulting, just back in Brazil and Argentina, looking forward to being a member of the club!
  • Debbie Kiene kudos for Bloedel project, SeaFeast interact club, and fun volunteer service project at a school on Saturday;
  • Curt Smith greetings to our speaker Barry Meyers (past fellow board members at BTC foundation), and a BHS high school reunion;
  • Erik Dylan three weeks with wife in Spain and Portugal, daughter graduated from college in Seattle and got a job at UW studying Parkinsons;
  • Phil X trying is renting out a small house (next door to his own residence) in Silver Beach neighborhood, available soon contact Phil if interested!

Sergeant at Arms by Steve Swan

Fines for misc. vices and then Seahawks trivia.


Mike Bates introduced Barry Meyers, an elder law attorney, practicing law since 1983 and elder law since 1992. Barry has been active board member of many nonprofit groups such as Alzheimers Society of WA and Bham Festival of Music.

The time for estate planning is as early as possible when you are competent.

  1. Traditional will and testament: a set of instructions, appointing someone to organize estate, pay off bills and distribute the assets.  
  2. Trusts: Contracts, creating separate entity with a trustee. Either “revocable trusts” or “special needs trusts”.
  3. Community property agreement. Designate someone to be your power of attorney in case of incapacity or disability (the power of attorney responsibility goes away at the time your death). 
  4. Living Will Directive (health care directive): End of life situations to help guide your decisions. 

Brad Cornwell wins the raffle!

Respectfully submitted,

Stowe Talbot