Flag Salute & Invocation by Jill Reid
Visiting Rotarians: Andy Everson from Big Club.
Guests: Pete Wilkin (Mt Baker Care Center), Sven Guile (BSA Mt. Baker Council)
Induction (and return) of Allan Stockbridge by Bill Gorman. Welcome back to the club, Allan!
Student of the Month is Oksana Reva, introduced by Squalicum Counselor Aramis Johnson.  Oksana is planning to attend Georgetown University to study political science.  Volunteered at Avamere Healthcare, as well as holiday and sports events, and also for an organization called Voices that does outreach to homeless in downtown Bellingham.  She is donating her $100 to Blue Skies organization, which had helped her when she was small.
G&G update by Bryant: Ticket sales going well, especially the VIP tickets.  Oct 1 wine tasting at Bryant’s house for the pre-sale wines, minimum order 6 bottles, and discount price only available PRE-sale.
Food Bank Open House: TODAY! October 22, 5-6:30pm.
Business Bucket:  $20 from Tresha Dutton to talk (and brag!) about her employer Whatcom Community College and all the great work they do: 6,000 students this quarter; about 80% going to transfer to 4-year college; WCC soon will have a full baccalaureate program!
Bucks in the Bay
  • Phil X Hageman $20 this afternoon open house at Food Bank!
  • Tongue Myers for surviving daughter turned 12 years old;
  • Jill Reid for Foundation upcoming birthday!
  • Steve Brummel Viking Days event at Viking Union John Curley was MC!
  • Andy Clay has another dog at nursing home!
  • Dick Stark had a great boat trip last week, and some Husky basketball news;
  • Tim Krell son turned 18;
  • Glen Groenig grandson invited himself on Glen and his wife’s anniversary trip to Hawaii;
  • Allan Stockbridge three weeks vacation, from Burning Man to New England!
Sergeant at Arms by Flo
Curtis Dye introduced our own Karen Burke, executive director of DVSAS (Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services).  http://www.dvsas.org  DVSAS is 36th years old, Karen has been there 9 years.  This organization belongs to the community.  Over 2500 people are served annually.  They have a 21-bed safe shelter which was opened last year - always full, and they often have to supplement those beds with hotel rooms as needed.  Karen explained the complicated issues with identifying (and even recognizing) the many forms of domestic violence, and also sexual assaults. DVSAS often serves “secondary victims”, those who are once removed from the violence.  Most people find the topic difficult to discuss.
One of DVSAS’s newest programs is called Safe Housing, formerly the Womanscare Shelter, for stays up to 90-days.  Additionally, DVSAS together with another nonprofit (Lydia Place) is  purchasing an apartment complex. They will need volunteers, suppliers, donations, and plenty of sweat equity to remodel and update this apartment complex.  
Healing and hope: Capital campaign ongoing now, you can attend or sponsor event and fundraisers, such as their November 7th “Hands for Hope” Annual Gala http://www.dvsas.org/pages/events/hands-for-hope-gala-and-auction.  
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot