Flag Salute & Invocation by Aaron Lemperes
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests:  Pete Wolkin (Andy’s son), Paul Rosser (New Leader Development), Joe Melley
Reminder from Jill Reid that we will have a Rotary field trip tour of the Boys & Girls Club on Kentucky Street Tuesday Dec 8th!  Interactive tour of the building and programs. Please sign up!
Mike Hammes says the turkey drive Food Bank was successful.
Student of the Month.  Nick Caples introduced Student of the Month Kaylee from Squalicum HS.  Kayla was named defensive basketball payer of the year, is a leader on the golf team, and the head student mentor.  Her counsellor Michelle Neilsen talked about what a great recipient Kayla is. Kayla thanked us for the recognition.  She said she enjoys volunteering, working with Esperanza Ministries on Vancouver Island.  Locally she works with Rebound (which provides weekly dinners and classes for families) and the Lighthouse Mission, serving meals and helping out. She wants to become a pediatric nurse.  
Our incoming Rotary exchange student Joe Melley (from Italy) talked about Squalicum High School and making the cut for the varsity basketball team!
Business Bucket by Karen Burke, who reported that the DVSAS annual fundraising gala raised $95K! Also she gave an update on the DVSAS Birchwood housing project - joint with Lydia Place - to expand the facility by 15 beds. The project is proceeding well, should be done in mid-2016.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Curtis Dye had great date weekend in Seattle, saw Patti Imhoff at Nordstroms;
  • Eddie thanks to Mike Hammes for the turkey initiative!  And got to hand out turkeys at  Food Bank with his kids;
  • Bob Moles had great trip (his 12th!) to Honduras with Mike Hammes, feeling thankful;
  • John Templeton is in the thanksgiving spirit, remarked that very few local homes now for sale, and reported that our outgoing Rotary exchange student (Aaron) is in Bolivia and volunteering for an orphanage;
  • Paul Twedt grateful for successful year, and moving his office to Barkley;
  • Phil X Hageman thankful for our support for Food Bank and other orgs, just missed two weeks to take care of his col***scopy, also some other successful surgeries among his kin;
  • Bob Becker heading out to the sun for a few months, thankful for the club’s foundation;
  • Brent Walker inspired by Mike Hammes and the turkey drive, CB Wholesale’s employees even started their own food drive!
  • Dick Stark about his cousin Jerry Stark, see the obit in the Herald;
  • Doug Wight talked about his uncle Jack who recently passed, almost made it to 100 yearss old;
  • Mark Turner’s wife had a scary visit to the emergency room, then a successful gallbladder surgery!
  • Tim Krell is proud his son Mitchell got a job AND into college;
  • Frank Chmelik visit to NYC.
Curtis Dye introduced Amy Woodward, the Executive Director of Pass the Hat.  PTH helps local families by providing financial relief from tragic events, helping pay for hospital bills, ambulance bills, funeral expenses, etc. PTH works by gathering small donations from many individuals:  $2 per month. These monies are pooled into a fund that is then deployed to help those when tragedy strikes. PTH doesn't rely on fundraisers, auctions or large donations. Despite the good work of American Red Cross, United Way and many other organizations, there is a great unmet need in our community to provide financial relief.
  • How is it determined where the money goes? PTH has a qualified and diverse Appropriations Committee that determines the greatest need in our community and distributes money where it’s needed most. This might include funeral services, emergency medical expenses, counseling, etc. Funds are paid directly to the service providers rather than to individuals to ensure their proper use.
  • Can you give more than $2/month? No. The PTH model is based on the idea that many hands make light work. If someone wants to give more, they can get more people to sign up. Companies and organizations can also partner with Pass The Hat through an Employee Matching Program. Partnering businesses contribute an amount equal to what their employees contribute. 
  • How does one apply for relief?  At this time, PTH only takes referrals through its partner agencies that have been unable to fully satisfy the extent of a victim's burden.
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot